Clean Room Solutions | Services
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Clean room installation


After details are discussed team of 6 people start working for you, depending on the area clean room collection takes from a week to 2 months. CRS makes all works by herself – from floor cover to monitoring equipment installation. This is why you will receive full technical support even after 10 years. We use only high quality, multi-layer wall modules, stainless steel connections, latest 15-inch screens are used for mounting.

Checking and changing filters


Clean Room Solutions checks filtering system and the filters themselves before changing. Each filter after the inspection receives a protocol where customer can see filter condition. A filter that does not fit requirements can be changed by customer or Clean Room Solutions can do that.

Maintenance services


We doing testing, qualification and validation of equipment, clean rooms, processes, maintenance of clean rooms and construction. We doing training of clean rooms cleaning and maintenance at customers place or our training place.

Equipment Validation


We will prepare a measurement protocol and plan, perform measurements, prepare a report and present the findings. We are testing

Clean rooms;

Laminar flow cabinet;

Warehouses and trucks:



Cryo cameras;


Depression tunnels;

Thermal shades;



Computer systems;

Production and packaging equipment;

Spectrophotometers and another laboratory equipment;